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Whenever Any Form of Government Becomes Destructive To These Ends,
It Is The Right of the People to Alter Or To Abolish It,
And To Institute New Government


Monday, January 16, 2017

uhhhh, excuse but provided this is real, WHO IS FUNDING THIS?

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AWESOME NEWS, If True: 50% Of Mexican Nationals Returning Home Are Staying There Because Of Trump

From Breitbart:
Fearing stiffer immigration enforcement in the coming months, approximately half of the Mexican nationals who had traveled through this city on their way to their hometowns claim they will not be returning to the United States, city officials said. 
In recent weeks, the Matamoros city government has been preparing logistical and security measures to accommodate not only the returning travelers, but also for a possible increase in deportations, said Matamoros Mayor Jesus “Chuchin” De La Garza. 
According to De La Garza, at least 50 percent of the Paisanos who have crossed through the three international bridges in Matamoros have reported to authorities that they will not be returning to the U.S. and plan on seeking jobs in Mexico. 
Known in Mexico as Paisanos, every year, groups of legal and illegal immigrants travel through this and other border cities during the holidays on their way to their hometowns. The name Paisano comes from a government program aimed at easing the customs and tax process that the Mexicans face when they travel home. 
In years past, customs officers, local police and other officials were known for demanding bribes and extorting the travelers. In preparation for the expected increase in the number of returning locals and deportees, De La Garza has been meeting with Mexico’s Regional Security Team and U.S. law enforcement. 
“We still do not know the impact that the arrival of the new U.S. administration will have in regards to the number of deportations, but we do have to be prepared in order to handle such events in an orderly fashion,” De La Garza said to Breitbart Texas. 
For years, the deportation of Mexican immigrants has caused problems due to the lack of job opportunities in border cities, leading many to join the ranks of the various drug cartels that operate throughout Mexico. 
According to Mexican authorities, many of the deported immigrants often come from U.S. prisons and jails who are sent back after completing a sentence for crimes in that country. The backgrounds of the deported migrants makes them an attractive recruitment option for Mexican cartels.
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Noor Salman, Wife of Orlando Shooter, Arrested - Sources Say Obstruction of Justice Charges

I Coulda Sworn They Were Moderate Muslims

As we all suspected:
Noor Salman was taken into custody in California, where her family lives, but the case is filed in Florida, where her husband massacred 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in June. “I can confirm the arrest did occur,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch said on MSNBC. “This is a matter that we continue to take very seriously,” she said. 
“We said from the beginning we were going to look at every aspect of this case, every aspect of this shooters life — to determine not just why did he take these actions, but who else knew about them, was anyone else involved, is there any other accountability that needs to be had here in this case.” 
Details of the charges against Salman were not immediately made public, but law-enforcement sources said they are related to obstruction of justice.


Trump effect? They suddenly discovered what they already knew? Isn't this the wife that went with the murderer to inspect the venue?
She was with him when he scouted sites for his terrorism - including DisneyWorld
TownHall: Wow: Disney Warned FBI About Omar Mateen Back In April

Seems to me the timing of this may coincide with Obama's commutations...given his ties to Mateens father. There are so many snakes involved it's difficult to keep track:

ZeroHedge: Loretta Lynch Admits That Federal Authorities have lost the Orlando Shooters wife

RT: Orlando fallout: Mateen’s family put on no fly lists
So, how did she get to California if placed on a no-fly list? 

FoxNews: Federal prosecutors convene grand jury to investigate wife of Orlando massacre gunman, source says

What about Mateens father, the one receiving priority seating at HIllary's FL campaign events?

Orlando Killer's Father Had Meeting In Obama White House & Hillary's State Department

AlArabiya: FBI: Florida Gunman 'Tied' to Hezbollah

TMZ: Omar Mateen Police Raid Father's House 

UKDailyMail: Father of America's most deadly mass shooter wants top Afghan president job...

WaPo: Orlando shooting suspect’s father hosted a political TV show

IPT Exclusive: Document Reveals Omar Mateen's Father Tied to Radical Islamist Groups

NYDailyNews: Feds add Orlando gay club shooter Omar Mateen's father, wife to no-fly list (Is he a Citizen?) 

And what about Mateen's brother-in-law?

Orlando Terrorist Signed Over Home To Brother-in-Law Just Before Attacks
Lest these troublesome details disappear, also consider the whereabouts of :

FoxNews: Orlando gunman tied to radical imam released from prison last year

GatewayPundit: AMAZING! Obama Perfectly Described Omar Mateen’s M.O. Eleven Days Before Orlando Terror Attack

DailyMail: Robertson was a Marine and a one-time FBI agent Mateen was radicalized by his upbringing and motivated by Prison Trained Black Panther Marcus Dwayne Robertson

FoxNews: Orlando gunman tied to radical imam released from prison last year

OrlandoSentinel: Orlando police chief gave crime data presentation at White House in April the Orlando Police Chief—with 17 years experience as a SWAT team commander before being appointed Chief, and who had the SWAT team hanging around outside the nightclub for 3 hours while people inside bled out, had coincidentally visited the White House a few weeks before to give a generic presentation on crime.

ISIS Chief Warned US About Orlando Attack Weeks Before Mass-Killings: Police Adviser +Videos

NewAmerican: Orlando Terrorist Worked for DHS Security Firm Exposed in Illegal Alien Catch & Release Scandal

FBI Tried To Lure Orlando Shooter Into Terror Plot In 2013
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Obama Admits He Made the Call to Abstain from Anti-Israel UN Resolution

It's really best he just admit it. Israel has the goods on him, and has promised to release the information to Trump as soon as he becomes President.
President Barack Obama told “60 Minutes” that he made the call for the U.S. to abstain from a vote on a U.N. Security councilresolution condemning Israeli settlements, allowing the resolution to pass, and that doing so didn’t fray relations between the two countries. 
The move caused a major fallout between the United States and Israel, a notion Obama demurred while speaking to Steve Kroft in an interview that aired Sunday. 
“I don’t think it caused a major rupture in relations between the United States and Israel. If you’re saying that [Israeli] Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu got fired up, he’s been fired up repeatedly during the course of my presidency, around the Iran deal and around our consistent objection to settlements. So that part of it wasn’t new,” Obama said in his final interview as president. 
“And despite all the noise and hullabaloo, military cooperation, intelligence cooperation, all of that has continued,” he said. 
“We have defended them consistently in every imaginable way. But I also believe that both for our national interests and Israel’s national interests that allowing an ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians that could get worse and worse over time is a problem. And that settlements contribute. They’re not the sole reason for it, but they’re a contributing factor to the inability to solve that problem.”
Of course, he still hasn't admitted his role in the creation of the UN resolution in the first place.

But this admission is a step in that direction, so that when the info from Israel is released (as I am quite sure Trump will do), the whole thing won't seem quite as bad.

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New Project Veritas Video Shows Leftist Groups Plotting An Chemical Attack on Trump Inaugural Ball

Video shot at Comet Ping Pong Pizza, for what it's worth.


The prior thread "Scotland: Provost of cathedral where Qur'an was read denounces "appeasement" of "those who are Islamophobic"...is an Episcopalian (or should that read Epis cop alien?)

Well the US Epsicopalian Church in DC is also up to shenanigans as it is hosting the #DISRUPTJ20 Decision Making Process and Consensus Building event today in the Sanctuary at St. Stephens, 1525 Newton St NW


St. Stephen’s Church is pleased to offer sleeping space on our floors to groups traveling to Washington, DC, for protests, conferences, service work, or other events. St. Stephen’s has offered space since the 1960s; tens of thousands of people have slept on our floors over the years, protesting various wars, demanding equal rights, witnessing for peace at military arms bazaars and at the Pentagon, protesting international structures that support inequalities, doing service work on alternative spring break trips, or attending conferences or learning about life in the inner city.

How does St. Stephens Episcopal Church get away with renting sleeping space on their floor, booked from 1/14 through the inauguration, and not be implicated in their activities, not to mention losing their non-profit status? An old hippie hostel dating back to the 1960s, they supposedly will not house terrorist types. What do they think this is?


This is serious. They think butyric acid will just cause a “stink bomb”. It is dangerous to put in the HVAC system. This acid when in contact with aluminum and other metals may release flammable and explosive HYDROGEN gas.

Hazardous Substance Fact Sheet:

Synonyms: Ethylacetic Acid; 1-Propanecarboxylic Acid
Chemical Name: Butanoic Acid
PDF: Butyric Acid

Butyric Acid can affect you when inhaled and may be absorbed through the skin.
Contact can severely irritate and burn the skin and eyes with possible eye damage.
Inhaling Butyric Acid can irritate the nose, throat and lungs.
Butyric Acid is CORROSIVE

Butyric Acid is spilled or leaked, take the following steps:

Evacuate personnel and secure and control entrance to the area.

Eliminate all ignition sources.

Cover with dry lime, sand or soda ash, and place in covered containers for disposal.

Ventilate and wash area after clean-up is complete.

It may be necessary to contain and dispose of Butyric Acid as a HAZARDOUS WASTE.

Contact your state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) or your regional office of the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for
specific recommendations
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Scotland: Provost of cathedral where Qur’an was read denounces “appeasement” of “those who are Islamophobic”

From Jihad Watch:
The head of the Scottish Episcopal Church says the Church is “deeply distressed” at the offence caused by the reading of a passage from the Koran in a Glasgow cathedral. 
The comments of the Church Primus, the Most Rev David Chillingworth, follow criticism that Islamic verses were read during an Epiphany service. 
In his blog, he also condemned the abuse received by St Mary’s Cathedral. 
The cathedral’s provost, the Very Rev Kelvin Holdsworth, said the reading was aimed at promoting understanding between the two faiths. In his sermon on Sunday, he told the congregation there had been a “storm of abuse” from “10,000 Christian voices” over the incident. 
He said he “cannot believe that moderate churches in the West should follow a policy of appeasement towards those who are Islamophobic and particularly not towards the recently invigorated far-right media.”.
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I Never Liked Piers Morgan, But I Gotta Say, HE UNDERSTANDS TRUMP

I can't think of many in the American media who get Trump more than Piers Morgan. Amazing.

And, if you watched the whole video, you see that the final thing they discuss is the question, Is Trump a lover of Britain, how will he handle Brexit, and future trade deals?

And on cue:

Donald Trump says he ‘loves’ the UK and reveals he wants a bumper transatlantic trade deal to help make Brexit ‘a great thing’
In an interview with Michael Gove for The Times – the Sun’s sister newspaper — he revealed he was inviting Theresa May to visit him “right after” he gets into the White House. 
In an interview, the President-elect said: “I love the UK. “We’re gonna work very hard to get it (a trade deal) done quickly and done properly – good for both sides.” 
Mr Trump added: “I will be meeting [Mrs May]. She’s requesting a meeting and we’ll have a meeting right after I get into the White House and it’ll be, I think we’re gonna get something done very quickly.” 
He also predicted more countries will follow Britain by leaving the European Union – because of the migration crisis and Angela Merkel’s “catastrophic” decision to open Germany’s borders.
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The Precedent of Accepting the Results of an American Election is DEAD – and the future of that beckons

Harry Reid has now, famously, used the nuke option in the senate to kill cloture on a debate with a simple majority vote, meaning no delay can be used to drag a bill or appointment to death. EXCEPT for SCOTUS appointments.
I think the senate now WILL ultimately use this for SCOTUS because Chucky Schumer had to open his fat trap to show how tough he was and declare the D’s ready to do a reverse Merritt Garland for FOUR TO EIGHT YEARS.
Now comes the real meat though.
Elected representatives (FROM THE COASTS WITH A VERY FEW EXCEPTIONS – and this list is now larger) have named Donald Trump as ILLEGITIMATE, and have refused to attend the inauguration because Trump is who he is, instead – PUBLICLY ORGANIZING FOR RESISTANCE to ….what? A better economy? More jobs? Secure borders? To ensure more illegal aliens? Or maybe it’s the manifest horrible things Trump has promised against LGBTQ folks (nothing, in fact he has declared the issue settled via SCOTUS, and will enforce the law), or because he has the locker room sense of a 9th grader and all wimmin’ on earth are endangered? Seriously? Or Trump hating black folks because the 1973 housing lawsuit proves he was a discriminatory landlord via redlining (i.e. a law instituted by FDR in the 1930’s to PROTECT the banking system from high risk mortgage lending, which after J Carter was elected – AFTER THIS SUIT – was  declared to be discrimination)?
So what is this resistance to and of?
The democrats ARE SIMPLY UNABLE TO STAND THE IDEA THE PEOPLE HAVE REJECTED THEM AT EVERY LEVEL, except in the few urban counties in the USA in which they completely dominate.
They probably are PARALYZED with fear someone like Trump is liable to do something which IMPROVES life in urban centers.
Imagine if Barry Goldwater had been alive and believed so fervently that Mr. Obama was born in Kenya, or Indonesia, or Canada that he had named Obama as illegitimate, and unable to serve, had begged the Joint Chiefs to find a way to WITHHOLD nuclear launch authority from him (that happened this week- HuffPo), and organized resistance to SUBVERT the process of converting the choices of the people in each state to electoral college votes, and OTHERS in the Congress, and 90% of the national media followed him, then promising total resistance, and using the second inauguration to promote violent and destructive demonstrations.
That’s what is happening and WHO is doing this in congress makes no difference.
Wait until, this precedent of resistance of this kind and degree, BEING NOW SET, this shoe is on the other foot, and folks from Zanesville, and Peoria, and Cheyenne demand their reps refuse any part in the ‘ILLEGITIMATE’ elected govt which is a more radical democratic party govt.
Elected under a Keith Ellison run DNC, and a Soros puppet like ideological toady tool is president for the express purposes of LEGITIMIZING the idea the people everywhere have the right to just come here and SHARE our to be normalized zero sum game of resources, to ensure globalization of HUGE business erodes national character, to ensure OPEN SOCIETY means something human and worldwide (as if). Does that sound like something which would provoke the kind of total and massive resistance Mr. Lewis and others are creating?
This total break with precedent AND THE NATIONAL INTEREST is being justified because Trump is so exceptional. He is not, YOUR ARROGANCE, Mr Lewis, your ARROGANCE IN JUDGING YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS SUPERIOR TO THE PEOPLE is the exceptional item. Thanks for your work on civil rights. Thanks for making this a better USA – THEN. But your recent comments and thoughts mark you as at the end of a sad decline of you and other once fine organizations like the NAACP, and SPLC to a marker of something else … something legal here but not that many other places…


In lawsedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent (or resistance) to lawful authority. Sedition may include any commotion, though not aimed at direct and open violence against the laws. Seditious words in writing are seditious libel. A seditionist is one who engages in or promotes the interests of sedition.

Your precedent of this has been noticed, and I promise you, you will see this again deployed against you as your example will be used to further DEGRADE the republic.


It’s effect threatens to be far more important and MORE LASTING than any righteous civil rights actions once in your balance
Think that warning is excessive?
Just watch
This needs to get tamped out
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Important Video: Angela Merkel Puts Her Own Sense of Morality Before Law As Prime Minister, Leading to a Lawlessness

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Donald Trump says Merkel made 'big mistake' on migrants

From the BBC:
US President-elect Donald Trump has said German Chancellor Angela Merkel made "one very catastrophic mistake" by admitting more than 1m migrants. 
He said Mrs Merkel was by far Europe's most important leader, and that the EU had become a vehicle for Germany. 
Mr Trump was giving details of his foreign policy goals in an interview with British and German newspapers. 
He told the Times and Bild his priority was to create fairer trade deals for the US and have strong borders. 
He said the US had to address its trade deficit with the rest of the world, particularly with China. 
The emphasis for his administration should be smart trade, rather than free trade, he said.
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Austria’s Politcal Right Party Chief Calls For Law Banning ‘Political Islam’

Austrian Freedom Party leader (FPOe) Heinz-Christian Strache

I would call this a measured policy move:
He added that, otherwise, Austrians and Europeans “would come to an abrupt end.” 
He went on to say that the current cap on new arrivals introduced by the Austrian government last year that amounts to 37,500 asylum seekers per year does not actually change anything. 
He also criticized a proposal recently introduced by the center-right Austrian People’s Party (OVP), which involves the reduction of this cap by a half to 17,000 people per year. 
He denounced both measures as “laughable” and called for the “minus immigration policy,” which should involve not only a ban on all new arrivals but also an expulsion of all migrants and refugees, who entered Austria illegally or were involved in any crimes on its territory. 
“We need no cap and no halving of that cap – we need a zero immigration and in fact even negative immigration while all illegals and criminals [who are migrants] should be expelled from the country,” he said during the party meeting, as cited by the Austrian APA news agency. 
He also called for tougher measures against illegal migrants by saying that “those who try to enter [Austria] illegally, should be sent to a detention center.” 
He also said that such measures should be accompanied by an “efficient” law banning political Islam. 
He went on to stress that people who criticize the behavior of migrants “because it is misogynistic, anti-liberal and reflects a fascist worldview,” are not showing “hatred.” 
Those who find European democratic rules inappropriate “are free to return to their Muslim country,” Strache said, adding that Austria “has forced no one to come here.” 
“We do not want to leave the European Union, but we want a reform that would correct all its development failures,” he said, stressing that the “welcoming culture” demonstrated its inadequacy in the view of the terrorist attacks carried out in Europe over the past years. 
“It is not nationalism that people want, it is the nation state and partnership relations and cooperation” between European countries, he said, adding that “the nation state is not dead” as it is a “cultural achievement” and a “model of success” for Europe. 
Austria, which has a population of about 8.7 million people, received more than 130,000 claims for asylum from people coming from the Middle East and Northern Africa since the summer of 2015 and took in one of the greatest numbers of refugees per capita alongside with Sweden. Now about 600,000 Muslims, including those, who arrived during the refugee crisis, live in the Alpine country, accounting for about 7 percent of its population.
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Helene Grimaud

1. Luciano Berio (1925-2003): Wasserklavier – No.3 from 6 Encores, per Antonio Ballista
2. Nitin Sawhney (1964): Water – Transition 1
3. Toru Takemitsu (1930-1996): Rain Tree Sketch II – In memoriam Olivier Messiaen
4. Nitin Sawhney: Water – Transition 2
5. Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924): Barcarolle No.5 in F sharp minor, Op.66, Allegretto moderato
6. Nitin Sawhney: Water – Transition 3
7. Maurice Ravel (1875-1937): Jeux d'eau, Très doux
8. Nitin Sawhney: Water – Transition 4
9. Isaac Albeniz (1860-1909): Almeria – No.2 from Iberia II, Allegretto moderato
10. Nitin Sawhney: Water – Transition 5
11. Franz Liszt (1811-1886): Les jeux d'eau à la Villa d'Este – No.4 from Années de pèlerinage
12. Nitin Sawhney: Water – Transition 6
13. Leoš Janáček (1854-1928): In the Mists: No.1, Andante
14. Nitin Sawhney: Water – Transition 7
15. Claude Debussy (1862-1918): La cathedrale engloutie – No.10 from Preludes I, Profondément calme

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Tips For Hate Crime Hoaxers Looking for Their Heathcliff

From Ann Coulter:
In a country of more than 320 million people, everything must happen once. So it’s somewhat surprising that not one of the alleged post-election hate crimes committed by Trump supporters has turned out to be true. They are false in one of two ways: Either they aren’t “hate” or they aren’t true. 
This week, we’ll provide tips for selling a hate crime that didn’t happen. Hate Crime Hoaxer 
Tip No. 1: Don’t invent hate crimes that could form the opening of a Harlequin Romance. Liberal girls always seem to be imagining strong, rough, Heathcliff-type white men demanding that they disrobe or become “sex slaves.” (Oddly, Heathcliff keeps doing this in well-trafficked areas in the middle of the day with no witnesses.) 
The hijab hoaxer at the University of Michigan described her imaginary Trump-supporting pursuer as white, in his 20s or 30s, with an athletic build, unkempt and intoxicated. He demanded that she remove her hijab. (After a police investigation, she admitted she made it up.) 
The alleged hijab victim at University of New Mexico, Leena Aggad (right) said her hijab was ripped off by “a really buff guy wearing a Trump shirt.” (The attack was serious enough for her to tell the media about it, but not serious enough to report it to campus security, much less the police.) 
A 28-year-old black woman, Kara Stevens (right) claimed three Trump-supporting white men in their 30s approached her in a Safeway parking lot in Hillsboro, Oregon, mentioned Donald Trump—then threatened to turn her into their “sex slave”! (Investigation suspended with no video, no witnesses and no evidence.) 
With a little more imagination, these stories could become the new “Fifty Shades of Grey.” 
Hate Crime Hoaxer Tip No. 2: Don’t accuse white men of throwing things at you—even if it allows you to issue inspirational quotes, suitable for framing, like: “It’s going to take more than a brick to break me!” 
An African-American woman, Eleesha Long, claimed that, the day after the election, three white men in Trump shirts threw rocks at her on the campus of Bowling Green State University. 
The Safeway “sex slave,” Kara Stevens, claimed the Trump-supporters threw a brick at her. (She, of the inspirational quote.) 
We’ve seen lots of rock-, bottle- and brick-throwing recently—in Ferguson, Baltimore, Charlotte, Oakland, Chicago—in fact, pretty much whenever disaffected urban youth encounter the police. 
We’ve seen Mexicans throw eggs at Trump supporters and rocks at the police. (See, e.g., videos here here and, here.) 
We’ve seen Brazilians throw rocks at journalists at the Olympic Games in Rio, Palestinians throw rocks at the military in Israel, and Muslim “refugees” throw rocks at the police in Europe. 
But throwing things at people never really caught on with white men over the age of 6. (NOTE: Sen. John McCain’s bellicose sidekick is a notable exception—CNS News: Sen. Lindsey Graham, “I’m Ready to Throw a Rock” at Russia.) Even sad, directionless, white (alleged) “men” at Occupy Wall Street protests—i.e., the molecular opposite of a Trump supporter—don’t seem to have thrown rocks at cops. 
The rock-throwing was done by their minority backup. 
Again, we’re a country of 320 million people, so it must have happened sometime, but the 21st-century white American male is the most pacific—and least rock-throwing—Y-chromosomed being ever to walk the Earth. 
Black women accusing white men of throwing rocks at them are thinking of what they would do, not what their athletically built, white male, Trump-supporting Lotharios would do.
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Media Reporting Trump's First Foreign Trip To Be "Summit" With Putin, Trump's Team Says Story Totally False

From the London Times:
Donald Trump is planning to hold a summit with Vladimir Putin within weeks of becoming president — emulating Ronald Reagan’s Cold War deal-making in Reykjavik with Mikhail Gorbachev. 
Trump and his team have told British officials that their first foreign trip will be a meeting with the Russian leader, with the Icelandic capital in pole position to host the superpower talks as it did three decades ago. 
In a bid to reset western relations with the Kremlin, Trump will begin work on a deal limiting nuclear weapons.
The London Times has a subheadline which reads:

Implying that Trump does not understand America's priorities, it's "Special Relationship" with Britain.

This is an absolutely absurd claim, coming on the heels of the Obama Presidency, during which President Obama time and again insulted Britain, and elevated Third World "allies".

Fuck the media. They are lying again.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer calls out the Media, declaring this story to be false:

And writer, Mike Cernovich points out something very important:

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Pope Francis Meets With Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and Opens a Palestinian Embassy at The Vatican

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Pat Condell: "We Know That You Are Not Refugees, But Illegal Invaders, Opportunists, and Predators"

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"My Name's Steele. Christopher Steele."

From Alistair Sloane at Al Jazeera:
Imagine a hypothetical situation: A former FSB officer provides a "dirty dossier" about US presidential candidate Hilary Clinton. He has left the Russian intelligence services and now operates his own private intelligence firm, with the implicit approval of the FSB. 
Once the dirty dossier is published, its accuracy and sourcing is widely questioned - and even whether the media should have reported on the allegations at all. That FSB officer is then outed in the US press, but the Russian authorities put out a gagging order on their domestic media preventing reporting about him. That quickly proves pointless - as we live in the internet age. 
Once his name is made public, a range of anonymous Russian security sources brief the Russian press that the officer is a "highly regarded professional," and former colleagues rally around him, saying much the same. His reputation is bolstered in order to make the allegations made against Clinton seem more credible. How would the US press respond? 
This is in fact exactly what has just happened during Trump's final approach to the White House, except it wasn't the FSB - it was the British Secret Intelligence Service, colloquially known as MI6, and it wasn't a former FSB officer turned private investigator, it was Chris Steele, a former MI6 agent. He is now in hiding and the subject of excited media speculation here in the UK.
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The Cocteau Twins

This is certainly one of the strangest, most elegant, most frightening, haunting, and beautiful albums you will ever hear.

5Pandora (For Cindy)5:36
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Muslims In Canada Say 9-Year-Old’s Are Adults And It’s Okay To Have Sex With Them

The Muslim in this video tell off the Canadian man saying they aren’t pedophiles for sleeping with a 9-year-old because the 9-year-old is an adult. He goes onto state that he goes around slapping people that don’t agree with him and then says that slapping is nothing and that in other countries those people would be killed. The Muslim says that anyone who says Mohammed is a false prophet deserves to die.
And people wonder why we worry about Islamic immigration to Western nations.
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Bad Company
Bad Company
full album

00:00 - 04:08 - Can't Get Enough
04:09 - 07:42 - Rock Steady
07:43 - 12:42 - Ready for Love
12:43 - 16:37 - Don't Let Me Down
16:38 - 21:11 - BAD COMPANY
21:12 - 25:53 - The Way I Choose
25:54 - 29:09 - Movin' On
29:10 - 33:12 - Seagull

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Top Bishop: Europe Will Soon Be Muslim Because of Our Stupidity

From Breitbart:
Everyone in Italy and the rest of Europe will “soon be Muslim” because of the country’s “stupidity”, a prominent Italian archbishop has said. Monsignor Carlo Liberati, Archbishop Emeritus of Pompeii, said that Islam will soon become Europe’s main religion thanks to the huge number of Muslim migrants alongside the increasing secularism of native Europeans. 
Speaking to Italian Catholic journal La Fede Quotidiana, the archbishop said: “In 10 years we will all be Muslims because of our stupidity. Italy and Europe live in a pagan and atheist way, they make laws that go against God and they have traditions that are proper of paganism. 
“All of this moral and religious decadence favours Islam.” “We have a weak Christian faith,” he added. “The Church nowadays does not work well and seminaries are empty. 
“Parishes are the only thing still standing. We need a true Christian life. All this paves the way to Islam. In addition to this, they have children and we do not. We are in full decline.” 
The archbishop added that the problem is not just Muslim immigration. The number of Eastern Europeans arriving over the past few years has also hit the quality of life for native Italians, he said. 
“We help without delay those coming from outside and we forget many poor and old Italians who are eating from the trash,” the archbishop said. “We need policies that take care of Italians first: our young people and the unemployed. 
“I am a protester. If I were not a priest, I’d be out there demonstrating in the squares. What is the point of so many migrants that instead of thanking for the food we give them, they just throw it, spend hours with their cell phones and even organise riots?” 
He even criticised the Catholic Church for giving money to migrants. “Giving money to migrants wandering around town is not only wrong, but morally harmful because we encourage their behaviour and they get used to that, not mentioning the fact that we already feed them. 
“I think sometimes this creates a beggars’ network. I remember that my father went to work very hard as a migrant in Australia so I could go to seminary. So he has experienced in his own skin the discomfort of poverty and the noble virtue of gratitude.”
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The Reaction to the Reaction About Meryl Streep

One thing we can always depend on with the progressive left these days.
The strategy to making an ass out of yourself with venal and stupid actions is to double down thus proving you really know what you are doing.
After Streep’s little lecture about how awful she (estimated net worth $65m) and Chistiane Amanpour (est net worth $12.5m), and Jorge Ramos (est net worth $12m annual salary $3m), which is to say Hollywood, the press, and foreigners are ‘vilified’, we had a noticeable reaction from Norman Rockwell America.
Well the answer to that reaction is in.
Melinda Byerley, founder of a Silicon Valley-based tech startup that does “free-range, artisanal, organic, customized marketing” with “Birkenstocks-on-the-ground expertise,” tweeted her expert opinion on Middle America’s jobs-`attraction problem.

It wasn’t very nice.

First she said Middle America needs to realize “no educated person wants to live in a s- -t-hole with stupid people,” which is why she said more big corporations don’t move to the Heartland: “Those towns have nothing going for them,” with “no infrastructure, just a few bars and a terrible school system.”

Educated people such as herself wouldn’t live in rural areas because they won’t sacrifice their superior tolerance and diversity to do so. Nor do her highly educated friends want to live in states where the majority of residents “don’t want brown people to thrive.”
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Book Review: Title Withheld

From The Last English Prince:
The selection which had just been purchased last week was found on the shelf of Half Price Books and the scholar was one with which I am familiar. A duo of previous scholarly writings reside in my personal library and I am familiar with his style: dry but sufficiently interesting. 
What was surprising, as I opened the pages of what was presented as a Muslim travelogue, was a triggering device placed early within the opening pages of the book. Recognizing that I was about to enter a cryptograph, the selection was read in very short order. 
Should I shake the tree? That was my question. The book presented as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. 
This simple travelogue was really a prep, guidance, encouragement, and targeting guide for jihad. 
At the very least, the words on the page could adversely effect the individual reader. With a worst case scenario, the selection could have been written with a sleeper cell in mind. 
The actual beginning point for the book reminds the Muslim that he is not to spy on his brother. This issue presents as a Catch 22, a perplexing one, for our intelligence agencies.  
With Islam, one is to seek permission to enter a home. So if a Muslim enters a home without permission and sees grandma sewing a suicide vest, he is not to report out. He was not given permission to see it. 
If the same Muslim enters a home with permission and sees grandma sewing a suicide vest, he shouldn’t report out. He will have violated a trust. 
Why did the book remind Muslims they are not to report out? 
There is an interesting section regarding visiting an airport. Great detail is given on how to pass through airport security. Space is devoted on preparations which should be made for this type of travel. 
The emphasis is comparable to the song by John Denver, “… Leaving on a jet plane. Don’t know when I’ll be back again.” 
The writer talks of a simple flight as if it is a final flight and gives guidance for preparation for the Day of Judgment. 
In fact, in a chilling manner, one section is subtitled, “Going Not Coming Back”. 
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